Fire Protection Equipment

Maintaining a fire protection system with minimum disruption to a business is not only vital, it is also a legal requirement.

KM Services maintenance contracts for fire protection include...

  • Fire Alarm Systems BS:5839-1 2017 (Part 1 is for commercial buildings)
  • Fire Alarm Systems BS:5839-6 2019 (Part 6 is for domestic, as in inside the dwelling or HMO)
  • Fire extinguishers BS:5306-3:2017 (This covers commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers)
  • Log books with all service contracts
  • Flexible contracts tailored to suit any type of systems and premises
  • Ability to provide 50% service (2 visits per annum) or 25% service (4 visits per annum) within the contract year
  • Comprehensive fixed-cost maintenance contracts (optional)
  • Automatic job report emailed to the responsible person upon completion of each visit
  • Training and liaison with client on good housekeeping procedures
  • Inspection, testing and analysis of sprinkler heads and pipework